Rachel Chase

Rachel Chase Agape Therapy Institute

Graduate Student Counselor Intern
Master of Arts Candidate, Rollins College
Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher


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Areas of Specialization:

Grief & Loss
Stress Management
Chronic Illness
Pain Management
Past Childhood Trauma
Sexual Abuse
Relationship Challenges
Wellbeing & Growth
Personal Transformation
Holistic Wellness

Clinical Orientation:

Humanistic Person-Centered
Psychodynamic / Existential
Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) - Level I Trained
Eclectic / Integrative
Mindfulness Based
Mind-Body / Gestalt / Yoga
Expressive Arts
Object Relations

"I am a holistic, integrative therapist with an existential humanistic perspective. At the heart of my helping style is a compassionate person-centered way of being. Listening to clients' stories is my primary focus, to help people find deeper meaning and resolve inner conflict. This holds true for my work with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Depending on the specific needs of each client, I also use a psychodynamic lens to deepen insights about how the past might be influencing present situations; solution-focused work to collaboratively generate plans for positive change; mind-body approaches such as mindfulness and gestalt experiences to process emotions; and cognitive-behavioral therapy to integrate desired changes into lived experience. I may also use other modalities borrowed from my yoga training including breath awareness, guided imagery, energy psychology, and trauma-informed care. For families, I gravitate toward an object-relations, family systems experiential way of helping.
I also coach clients wishing to lead more empowered lives, fulfill their potential, feel confident about their work, address unresolved fears, clear obstacles to growth, and take positive action steps toward transformation and authentic living. As an expressive arts facilitator and yoga and meditation teacher, I also lead support group experiences that foster self-agency, leadership, healing, and community connection. Some clients may be dealing with situations that require multicultural advocacy, for whom I would assist with finding information and community and social justice support."


Rachel Chase is a counseling intern at Agape Therapy Institute in Orlando, FL. She is a graduate student working toward her Master of Arts in Counseling at Rollins in Winter Park, FL. Rachel holds a BFA in studio art and performance from University of South Florida. She is also an experienced, certified yoga and meditation teacher. Rachel was born in Los Angeles California, moved to Central Florida at age 5 with her parents, also lived in the Ohio countryside for 3 years of her childhood, and lived in the Boston Massachusetts area for 4 years during her adult married life. She has lived a rich life with diverse cultural exposure and wide array of career experiences.

Her recent work as a social justice advocate at the Rollins Title IX office has given her experience helping survivors of sexual assault and gender discrimination. She is passionate about helping people heal from the trauma of abuse and find their way to wholeness and fulfillment. Rachel has also worked in the cancer support center at Orlando Health, helping families and individuals navigate their experience with group therapy and mindfulness practices.

Rachel has been successfully coaching and mentoring individuals in her professional capacity as a certified yoga and meditation teacher for 8 years, helping people find the courage to live a life of purpose who might be seeking deeper meaning. She has been teaching art, dance, and facilitating expressive arts and wellness workshops for over 15 years. Her current 4-week therapeutic support and mindfulness groups help people overcome negative effects of stress and experience deep support for personal growth and transformation. She also leads creativity workshops and coaches artists and writers. Rachel supports those looking for ways to strengthen their ability to manage energy by training people in a Japanese energy healing modality called reiki. She currently leads monthly group sound healing and meditation workshops, and teaches weekly public gentle yoga classes in Orlando.

Rachel loves all things music, art, performance, and wellness related. She is a nature-lover who spends time walking, swimming, dancing, paddle boarding, doing yoga and meditation, and other meditative martial arts. She most enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, and new kitty named Bijou. She also loves to travel and learn from wise teachers from various cultural traditions.

Contact Rachel

PH: (407) 900-8633

Financial Assistance

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