Telehealth Counseling & Psychotherapy

Agape Therapy Institute now offers telehealth counseling services for clients, using a HIPAA compliant platform.  30, 45 and 60 minute appointment times are available for telehealth services.  

Telehealth is only available for those clients residing in Florida at the time of the service due to government licensure restrictions and regulations. We hope to hear soon that the laws will change to loosen these restrictions.

Clients are expected to be present and engaged during telehealth sessions in a way that they would present as if in office. This means minimal distractions and proper clothing. 

Clients must be fully clothed during session in a well lit area where their face is visible to the therapist, with a working camera and microphone. 

Clients must be sitting in a quiet, private location. Clients may not be driving during session, or the therapist will end the session and this will constitute as a late cancellation with fees incurred for the client. Confidentiality is important in mental health counseling, and is important for both the client and the therapist. No others should be present in the room the client is located in at the time of the telehealth session.

Clients must not be eating or drinking during session, or doing other things on the computer. These all serve as distractions, and may pose as barriers to progress in therapy.

Financial assistance is available to reduce the cost of services.  To learn more and apply, visit our Financial Assistance page on our website.

Patients must have a scheduled appointment before entering the waiting room.  If you do not have one scheduled, please go to

1. You'll receive email with a link to your video call (telehealth appointment). You will also receive a text message 10 minutes prior to your session with a link.
2. Login to your client portal and you'll see a user friendly icon to join the video call!

If you don't see the email, check your spam folder! If you still don't see it, please call or text us at (407) 900-8633 or send your therapist a secure message through your client portal.

To access your client portal, go to 

Please visit our Practice Policies page for more information on our cancellation, no show, and other important policies.